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Matching the right people to the right place leads to the best ideas and innovations. Our mission is to introduce IT & Tech professionals to organizations that want to progress. With our recruitment solutions, we make the Netherlands a little greener, more enjoyable, and safer.

  • Long-Term Focus
  • Jobs with Impact
  • Sustainable & Innovative

Our Recruitment Services

For Employers

With simple and thoughtful recruitment solutions, we help you focus on what you’re good at. From job posting to new hire, QUBE takes care of it

  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing
  • Strategic Recruitment Plan
  • Staffing

For job seekers

Making an impact or create a change! That’s what we help developers, engineers, and other professionals with. We connect you with organizations that are making the world a little greener, more enjoyable, and safer.

  • Unique organizations
  • Interesting job opportunities
  • Career advice

Why QUBE Recruitment?

Creating a safer, more enjoyable, or greener world is our goal! We believe that matching the right people with the right place leads to the best ideas and innovations. Our mission is to support organizations in their hiring process to keep them innovating.

QUBE helps professionals find organizations with a similar vision and ambitions. From a greener environment to an app that makes life easier.

By aligning professionals’ personal goals and interests with those of the organization, we increase engagement and motivation among employees. This enhances the chances of success and growth for both professionals and your organization.

For businesses, our focus is on long-term recruitment solutions. We consider what will help you grow in the future. We support you in developing a recruitment strategy or offer a short-term solution if needed.

  • Sustainable & Innovative
  • Long-Term Focus
  • Jobs with Impact

These organizations have already chosen for QUBE


“The recruitment approach of QUBE Recruitment is well founded. By making a plan for each vacancy beforehand, and investigating what our ideal colleague would like to see in a vacancy, we saw immediate results. After almost half a year of searching for a new colleague on our own, QUBE helped us fill our vacancies within 2.5 months.”


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Tycho – CEO

“Efectis needed to grow fast in 2022. Martijn from QUBE Recruitment gave us good advice on which social media channels to use for this growth. With the right recruitment marketing, and by approaching people on LinkedIn and other channels on behalf of Efectis, we were able to attract several new colleagues. Martijn also responded quickly and flexibly, which made our collaboration very pleasant.”


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Michiel – Business Development Manager

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