No unexpected surprises
Recruit with a plan
Saves time and mony

Recruitment plan
Focusing on the future

What talent does your organization need to be future-proof? Our recruitment plan provides insight into achieving your long-term recruitment goals, the steps required to achieve them and your expected recruitment costs. So you know exactly where you stand.

  • No unexpected surprises
  • Recruit with a plan
  • Saves time and mony

Know where you stand

With a recruitment plan, you know where you stand. By mapping out today’s challenges and where you want to be in three years, we make a plan that takes you forward. This ensures that you fill your vacancies faster, encounter fewer surprises and recruit (cost) more efficiently.

Know-what-you-do recruiting

By keeping a close eye on the labor market, we know what is going on. We combine our own data with scientific research and recruitment data from LinkedIn and Indeed. By combining all these sources we can assess which actions are needed to reach your target.


Today’s actions are tomorrow’s success

Every day a small step forward delivers the best results in the long run. In addition to a strategic plan, you will receive practical tools that you can start using right away. With an end goal in mind, we make recruitment a little better every day.

Your recruitment plan

Recruitment plan

Starting at € 3.000,-

With your input we make a recruitment plan that will help you move forward. Besides a recruitment strategy, this plan will also provide you with tools to get you started tomorrow.

Each recruitment plan is tailor-made. Based on your needs we make a plan that suits you. Our recruitment plan always includes the following components.

  • Custom made
  • Looking 1 – 2 years ahead
  • Aligned with your mission & vision
  • gaining insight into current situation
  • Set recruitment goals
  • Feasibility Analysis
  • Audience analysis
  • Recruitment communication plan
  • Recruitment software consulting
  • Forecasting recruitment costs

How a recruitment plan helps

“A goal without a plan is just a wish”. With a recruitment plan, you know what to expect in the coming years. This allows you to better anticipate unexpected job openings, know how much time you need to set aside for recruiting new colleagues, and make sure you are ready for the future.

Feasibility analysis

For each vacancy group, we estimate how difficult it is to fill these vacancies. We do this based on various data points. Like the ratio between the number of vacancies and job seekers, or by estimating the number of people with the skills you are looking for.

Mission, vision and recruitment strategy

The recruitment strategy we develop for you is always aligned with the mission and vision of your organization. This way your recruitment approach fits seamlessly with your company. We take your core value, way of working and communication style into account in all parts of the recruitment plan.

Recruitment communication plan

With all the information about your target group, we develop a high-overhead communication plan. In it you will find which social media, job boards or events best suit your future colleague. With the drives mapped out, you can strike the right chord in all job postings and labor market communications.

Consulting on Recruitment tools and systems

We recommend which tools and recruitment systems are going to make your recruiter’s or your life easier. Think of an ATS (Applicant Tracking System) or tools that make it easy to schedule interviews.

Estimated recruitment capacity and costs

With the recruitment plan you will also receive an estimate of the required recruitment capacity and the expected recruitment costs. We work out different scenarios and show you what costs you can expect for using recruitment tools, advertising on social media and placing vacancies on job boards.

Know where you stand?