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Working towards the future. We find the colleagues who will take you further. People with the right skills and – perhaps even more important – the right mindset. This way, we ensure that you quickly find the Engineer, Developer, or Project Manager who will help you make the world a little safer, more enjoyable, or greener!

  • Quickly reinforce your team
  • quality assurance
  • No cure, no pay

Hiring the future for a better place

Creating a safer, more fun, or greener world, that’s what we’re all about! QUBE supports innovative companies that want to make a positive impact by helping them find the talent they need.

Our specialty is recruiting people with a socially conscious mindset and excellent technical skills. Developers, Engineers, Data Scientists, and Technicians who are ambitious and forward-thinking. We help them find their dream career. And we help you find the talent of tomorrow!

Our specialims


  • .NET Developers
  • Full-stack Developers
  • Front-end Developers
  • Data Engineers
  • Data Scientists
  • Account Managers
  • UX/UI Designers
  • Product Owners
  • Engineering Managers


  • Mechanical Engineers
  • CAD Engineers
  • Structural Engineers
  • Mechatronic Engineers
  • Electrical Engineers
  • PLC Engineers
  • Sales Representatives
  • Work Preparators
  • Project Leaders


Our way-of-working


We help you with recruiting your new colleague. Our goal is to find the right person for your organization. In doing so, we look not only at education and work experience, but also focus on skills, mindset, and ambitions.

By aligning the personal goals and interests of candidates with those of your organization, we create more engagement and motivated employees. This increases the chances of success and growth for both employees and your organization.


1. We start with end

Before we start recruiting, it’s important for us to know your goals and ambitions. What do you want to achieve, and where do you see your organization in 5 years? By analyzing your future needs, we can support and advise you in finding the talents for the future.


2. Recruitment met een plan

At the start of each recruitment process, we make a plan. We map out the job market, determine where your future colleague is currently working, how to motivate them to apply, and which marketing channels to reach them through. If we haven’t found the right match in our network, we usually find them quickly elsewhere.


3. Your recruitment partner throughout the entire process

During the entire recruitment process, we are your partner. We keep you updated on progress and identify opportunities for you. With our knowledge of the job market and feedback from candidates, we advise you on what is and is not realistic. This ensures that you quickly find the right person for your job opening.

4. A selection you can rely on

You will only receive applicants that match. Each candidate is thoroughly interviewed. During this interview, we check if the skills, mindset, and ambitions align with your organization and vacancy. You will only see the candidates that you can proceed with.

5. Quality Guarantee

The goal of each recruitment process is to help both your organization and your new colleague progress. We believe that a match should be a good fit. That’s why we keep a close eye on it, even after your new colleague has started. Additionally, we spread our fee over a period of 9 months. If the match doesn’t turn out as expected, we immediately search for a replacement and only ask for a portion of the fee.


Talent that takes you forward?

Receive the best people for your vacancy. Find colleagues who want to progress and build a future. With our experience, we promise that you will only receive qualified candidates with the right mindset.

Our quality guarantee ensures that you are certain of a perfect match. Challenge us with your difficult vacancy and we will ensure that you find your new colleague quickly.

What to expect from QUBE

We believe that companies working on solutions that make the world safer, more fun, or greener make an important contribution to society. Our mission is to help these companies grow by finding colleagues with the same ideals and goals.

We believe that a proper match based on mindset, skills, and ambitions is the key to success. We think in possibilities and explore where the opportunities are for your vacancies, so that we can quickly find the right candidate for your organization.

Your  recruitment partner

We discuss, think along, challenge and achieve. As your recruitment partner, we ensure that you find the talent you need. Because we are in the heart of the job market every day, we know what’s going on. We see the opportunities for your vacancy. This is how we help you move forward.

Do you have multiple vacancies? Our Recruitment Process Outsourcing service takes care of everything for you.


We assist you in achieving your long-term goals. Our focus is on sustainability. Not only is our cooperation and the matches we make sustainable, but the organizations for which we recruit also have sustainability high on their agenda. This helps make the world a little safer, happier and greener.


Find tomorrow’s talent

“Hiring the future for a better place”. That’s our motto. We focus on technical talent that wants to move forward and have an impact on the world and society. Whether it’s about a greener environment, ensuring safety or making our lives a little more fun. Our talent pool consists of people who are ready for “tomorrow”. Are you looking for the talent that takes you further? Then we know how to find it!

Quality Guarantee

QUBE prioritizes quality and long-term relationships. This applies to our cooperation and certainly to the cooperation with your new colleague. By properly inventorying what you need in advance and making a good selection, we ensure that our matches are sustainable. In case the match turns out to be less than expected, we will find a new colleague as soon as possible. Our compensation is spread over a longer period of 9 months. If an employee stops during this period, we only ask for a part of this compensation.

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